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Using ERPs and eye-tracking to study language learning and processing in adult learners.

In an increasingly global environment, both within the US and abroad, the ability to rapidly gain native-like linguistic competence is a critical asset. The ability to use an L2 in a way that is both expected and recognized by its native speakers is important both to the broad public, and to specific sectors, such as military personnel, that must develop native-like competence in a foreign language in a limited amount of time. The studies conducted under this IRB protocol will examine how learners/speakers of a second language acquire and process multi-word units (e.g., carry a business; run a store) in their second language, and how knowledge from the first language might influence the learning and processing of multi-word units in a second language.

Participants will complete a number of simple tasks on a computer in English and/or in Spanish (depending on language background).



Manuel Pulido
Manuel Pulido - at
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (UNIVERSITY PARK)

18 year(s) or older
This study is also accepting healthy volunteers
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Inclusion Criteria:
Be a native speaker of English or Spanish
Not fluent in other languages
No history of neurological or language disorders
Normal or normal-to-corrected vision

Exclusion Criteria:
Native speaker of a language different from English or Spanish
Older than 45 years old
Left-handed or ambidextrous
A history of neurological disorders or language disorders
Education, Language & Linguistics
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