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Minoritization and transnational social hierarchies: Caste and race in the Indian immigrant context

The study looks to understand how caste and race play out among Indian students, especially Indian immigrant students. Caste is the predominant social category in India. However, as Indian students migrate into to the USA, the social category of race is introduced and social category of caste is not understood outside of the Indian community. Through qualitative interviewing, it is aimed in this study to determine how migrating to the USA and becoming a minority and a person of color can potentially change how Indians view caste and caste identities in India. The primary hypothesis of the study is that the process of becoming becoming a minority through immigration can be used to think back on caste, and to think forward on race in both India and the USA.


Ashwin Mohan
Ashwin Mohan - at or 518-992-8324
Curriculum and Instruction (UNIVERSITY PARK)

18 year(s) or older
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Inclusion Criteria:
Adults 18 years old or above
Citizen/Resident of India for at least 5 years OR one or both parents have been citizens of India for at least 5 years
Students/Faculty members at Penn State

Exclusion Criteria:
Subjects who do not meet the inclusion criteria
Subjects who do not speak English
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